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PhD Projects

PhD Thesis “Executives and their (meandering) pathways. Transitions of executives within companies” by Jessica Kleinschmidt

The Thesis generates knowledge on transitions of executive managers within their companies using qualitative research methods. The focus is especially on the relevance of professional support offerings for the career of executives during in-company transitions. The topic is framed by an analysis of temporal factors of modernity for transitions.

PhD Thesis “Opening Universities for non-traditional groups. Between policies, (post)modern constellations and economic pressure” by Jan Schiller

The Thesis defines the term “instrumental temporal agenda” combining Max Horkheimer’s Eclipse of reason with contemporary adult education and learning policies by the European Union and Germany. Subsequently, different data gathered from non-traditional students in continuing higher education is triangulated to empirically verify the theoretical findings, leading to a juxtaposition of policy goals and reality of participants in continuing higher education regarding temporal phenomena.

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PhD Thesis by Hannah Hassinger (in preparation)


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