Research at the Helmut Schmidt University

The Helmut Schmidt University / Bundeswehr University Hamburg is a campus university with an excellent reputation. With its four faculties, the HSU covers almost all academic disciplines of a classical full-scale university.

Notwithstanding its close ties to the Bundeswehr, the Helmut Schmidt University remains organised according to Hamburg state law in terms of its tasks, structures and rights. Research and teaching are pursued without interference, and the university is also autonomous in terms of academic affairs.

Our research projects are funded by the German Research Foundation, by federal ministries, the European Union and various foundations and indicate the university’s current research strengths. At present, we are involved in a Research Group sponsored by the German Research Foundation; furthermore, we have established a Junior Research Group funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and are connected to the Helmholtz Association and the Leibniz Association through joint professorial chairs. These are just some examples of the dynamic atmosphere at the Helmut Schmidt University and the higher education strategy it pursues.

The HSU’s Research Promotion Office seeks to establish framework conditions beneficial to research and offers a wide array of support services to our researchers. We will be glad to provide you with advice and support!


Support services offered by our Research Administrator:

The Research Administrator is the point of contact for all members of the Helmut Schmidt University in the following matters:

  • Research funding
  • Research cooperation
  • Transfer of technology and knowledge
  • Research communication


Research funding

We offer support to all members of the Helmut Schmidt University with regard to matters associated with applications for research funding: from finding a suitable funding organisation and funding programme to writing an application and assisting with all formal procedures required for European, national or internal research funding.


Research cooperation

We provide advice, support and continued assistance for research cooperation projects with German and foreign universities, non-university research institutions and enterprises, e.g. by coordinating contracts, LOIs and NDAs and conducting preliminary reviews of these documents.


Transfer of technology and knowledge

We provide advice, help and continued assistance for projects related to the transfer of technology and knowledge. For example, we name points of contact for companies, and we give advice on matters such as patentability, the protection of intellectual property rights and spin-offs.


Research communication

We offer advice on choosing the appropriate medium (e.g. fairs, seminars and congresses) and provide support and assistance in terms of communication and organisation of the selected event.


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