The Media Centre supports the staff of Helmut Schmidt University / Bundeswehr University Hamburg in the preparation and use of printed, digital, and audio-visual media.

Media Centre personnel are responsible for the various steps of media preparation – from giving advice, to implementing, to distribution – while working closely with the requesting specialist departments of the university.

Staff members are qualified in various specialties as described below, in order to cater for the varied tasks at hand in the field of modern media:

  • Printing and Reproduction Centre (Building H5)
  • Graphic Studio (Building H5)
  • Photographic Centre (Building H5)
  • E-Learning Coordination Office (Building H5)
  • Digital Contents Team (Building H5)
  • Loan Desk for Media Technology (Building H1)
  • Technical Equipment for Events and Auditoriums (Building H1)
  • Audio-visual Media Production (Building H1)

The Media Centre cooperates with other bodies of the Bundeswehr, with other universities and research, training and further education centres, if there is a related teaching or research project at Helmut Schmidt University / Bundeswehr University Hamburg.

The Media Centre is a member of “Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Medienzentren an Hochschulen”, of “ILIAS e.V.” and of the “Deutsches Forschungsnetzwerk e.V”.

Staff members will find detailed information on the individual services in the ILIAS learning management system under “Medienzentrum” (Media Centre).

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