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E-Learning Coordination Office

E-learning: elektronic supported learning

The team of the E-Learning Coordination Office operates the ILIAS learning management system of Helmut Schmidt University / Bundeswehr University Hamburg. We provide IT management, rights administration and supports for teachers using ILIAS. We offer courses for the use and methodical concept of online learning in classes on a regular basis. We represent the demands of Helmut Schmidt University / Bundeswehr University Hamburg within the ILIAS community and participate in the further development of the ILIAS software.

E-Learning Coordination Office

Digital Signage Display

The Digital Contents Team provides courses for website content management, supports the project-related creation of digital contents and assists in military events. We operate the university’s digital information system (Digital Signage), and edit it in collaboration with the Press Centre. The members of the team undergo a vocational training in information technology as temporary-career or career soldiers.

Furthermore, we provide user support for the content management system of the HSU website.

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