Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (BSc)

Faculty: Electrical Engineering
Degrees: Bachelor of Science
Standard period of study: 7 trimesters for Bachelor + 5 trimester Master
Admission requirements:

  • The general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur),
  • The passed exam,
  • The obligation to serve as a temporary soldier for 13 years in the career of the officer of the troop service.

Study Language: German
Start of studies: beginning of October


A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology, in addition to the entry requirements for a more specialized master’s degree program, provides the basic professional qualification of an electrical engineering and information technology engineer. It provides access to a wide range of professional activities within and outside the Bundeswehr. They range from research and development, teaching activities, project planning, procurement, operation, production and maintenance to tasks in management and public administration. Modern technical systems in the fields of energy supply, automotive engineering, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, military technology, mechanical and plant engineering, communications and multimedia technology, data processing, robotics, etc. are based essentially on electrical engineering and information technology. All these branches are open to graduates. Like all engineering courses, the course begins with a basic mathematical-physical and engineering education. Modules such as electronics and control engineering are involved in project work preparing for the practice of the engineering profession. The training enables the graduates to develop new areas largely autonomously, to derive solutions for new tasks fundamentally and to put them into practice.
Program structure
The Bachelor’s degree program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology usually takes seven trimesters and consists of compulsory modules, elective modules, the final thesis and the internship. Students who have not yet completed all the achievements of the bachelor’s program after seven trimesters can be provisionally accepted into a master’s program. Students who have earned the bachelor’s degree with a grade of 3.0 or better until the end of the eighth trimester of study can continue their master’s degree. This also applies to students who have achieved a grade of up to and including 3.4 and have passed an additional qualification interview. Students who do not meet these requirements will have until the end of the ninth trimester to successfully complete their bachelor’s degree, but will not be able to complete a subsequent master’s program at HSU.

Master’s programs last five trimesters (eighth to twelfth trimester of study) and conclude with the Master’s thesis. They include compulsory and elective modules.


You will receive application documents from the career counseling office responsible for your place of residence. As a soldier or soldier you bear great responsibility. That is why there is a detailed consultation at the beginning of the application process. You can find contact details for career counselors on the Internet at www.bundeswehrkarriere.de. Free telephone hotline: 0800 9800880.

Student Advisory / Contact

Academic guidance is provided under the responsibility of faculties by members of the academic community.

Dean of Students
Univ.-Prof. Dr.Ing. Stefan Dickmann
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3019
E-Mail: [email protected]

Students who wish to study at HSU within the framework of a cooperation with a company, foundation, authority or other institutional partner, as well as soldiers who wish to study at HSU within the framework of the BFD, should contact university marketing :

Astrid Strüßmann
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3855
E-Mail: [email protected]

Susanne Killus
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3652
E-Mail: [email protected]


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