Computer Aided Engineering (MSc)

Faculty: Electrical Engineering

Degrees: Master of Science
Standard period of study: 5 trimester master
Admission requirements:

  • The general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur),
  • Holders of a university degree who are on time and with at least a grade of “good” (2.5) or, in the case of intensive courses of study, “satisfactory” (3.0) in a relevant subject
  • Bachelor’s degree program was acquired
  • The passed exam,
  • The obligation to serve as a temporary soldier for 13 years in the career of the officer of the troop service.

Study Language: German
Start of studies: beginning of October


Information, information gain, information transfer, and the ability to process huge amounts of data (big data) make up the operational factor information space, which is crucial in the economy and in the military field. In this space, it is necessary to develop projections, to gain insights, to act with little delay and reliably and to effectively counteract the damage caused by IT attacks. The tools are computer networks and distributed applications. Computer science engineering is a degree program in the field of applied computer science. It includes the engineering sciences of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering as applications with a focus on IT management and IT security. The degree program is divided into the subdivisions structure of IT systems, application of IT systems, management of IT systems as well as engineering fundamentals, which are taken over from the bachelor program of electrical engineering.
In the area of ​​computing system structures, the areas of computer architecture, computer technology and computer networks are covered. The application of IT systems ranges from the ability to programming in a high-level programming language (eg C) to software engineering, operating systems and databases to cryptography. The management of IT systems deals with the administrative part of operating systems and computer networks, as well as the structures, roles and processes in a modern data center. For this purpose, an internship is offered to set up and operate a computer center. All sections are considered under the particular aspect of IT security.


You will receive application documents from the career counseling office responsible for your place of residence. As a soldier or soldier you bear great responsibility. That is why there is a detailed consultation at the beginning of the application process. You can find contact details for career counselors on the Internet at Free telephone hotline: 0800 9800880.

Student Advisory / Contact

Academic guidance is provided under the responsibility of faculties by members of the academic community.

Dean of Students
Univ.-Prof.Dr.Ing. Stefan Dickmann
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3019
E-Mail: [email protected]

Students who wish to study at HSU within the framework of a cooperation with a company, foundation, authority or other institutional partner, as well as soldiers who wish to study at HSU within the framework of the BFD, should contact the university marketing :

Astrid Strüßmann
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3855
E-Mail: [email protected]

Susanne Killus
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3652
E-Mail: [email protected]


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