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German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval), BonnLogo DEval English

Contact: Dr. Sven Harten

Members of the DEval research program on method integration in complex evaluations:
Dr. Gerald Leppert, Dr. Martin Noltze, Dr. Mascha Rauschenbach,
Dr. Johannes Schmitt, Dr. Thomas Wencker

Dr. Leila Akremi, Scientific Consultant, German Federal Pension InsuranceFoto Akremi

Key research areas: Evaluation and sience studies, combination of group discussions and survey methodology, combination of text-based and audio-visual data

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Prof. Dr. Nina Baur, Technical University BerlinBIld Baur

Key research areas: Sociology of labour, urban and spatial sociology, combination of survey methodology and ethnography, videography and cartographic analysis

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Prof. Dr. Michaela Gläser-Zikuda, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen NurembergBild Gläser-Zikuda ProfDr

Key research areas: Qualitative and mixed methods in research on schools and higher education, combining standardized tests and qualitative interviewing

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PD Dr. Gerda Hagenauer, University of Bernpic hagenauer

Key research areas: Mixed methods in research on schools and higher education, combining survey research and qualitative interviewing

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Dr. Andrea Hense, Sociological Research Institute GoettingenPorträt Andera Hense

Key research areas: Mixed Methods Designs in labor market sociology, social inequality

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Dr. Peter Holtz, Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien TuebingenPic Holtz

Key research areas: Online research methods, computational analysis of large text corpora, media psychology

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Prof. Dr. Udo Kelle, Helmut Schmidt University HamburgBild Kelle

Key research areas: methodological and epistemological foundations of mixed methods, evaluation research, educational science, life course research

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Dr. Felix Knappertsbusch, Helmut Schmidt University HamburgPortrait Knappertsbusch

Key research areas: Methodological foundations of MMMR, combination of survey methodology and qualitative interviewing, prejudice and discrimination

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Prof. Dr. Özen Odag, Touro College Berlinprof-dr-oezen-odag

Key research areas: Intercultural and gender perspectives in media research, combining survey data and content analysis

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Dr. Florian Reith, Helmut Schmidt University HamburgFlorian-Reith_portrait

Key research areas: Media content analysis, combination of surveys and process-produced data and qualitative interviewing, evaluation research, educational science

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Prof. Dr. Ingo Rohlfing, University of CologneBild Rohlfing

Key research areas: Multimethod research and causal inference, combining regression analysis and process-analysis, combining qualitative comparative analysis and process-analysis, political parties

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Univ. Prof. Dr. Judith Schoonenboom, University of ViennaSchoonenboom

Key research areas: Mixed Methods Design, Foundations of Mixed Methods Research, Innovations in Higher Education, Design and Evaluation of Interventions, Educational Technology

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Prof. Dr. Margrit Schreier, Jacobs University Bremenschreier_foto

Key research areas: Content analysis, combining survey data and expert-interviews, health research, argumentation and rhetoric

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M.A. Markus Siewert, Goethe University Frankfurtlogo goethe

Key research areas: Combining qualitative comparative analysis with other case-based methods, policy research and governance

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Dr. Susanne Vogl, University of ViennaBild Vogl

Key research areas: Interview methods for research with children, family sociology, combining survey data with qualitative interviewing and group discussions

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Dr. Timothy Williams, Philipps-University MarburgPic Williams

Key research areas: Qualitative comparative analysis, qualitative fieldwork, content analysis, genocide

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