DigiTaKS* research project

The research and development project „Digitale Schlüsselkompetenzen für Studium und Beruf (DigiTaKS*) – Entwicklung eines Modells zur transformativen digitalen Kompetenzentwicklung Studierender” (Digital key competences for study and work – development of a model for transformative digital competence advancement for students) started in January 2021 and runs through 2024. It is funded by dtec.bw and part of the research cluster OPAL. More information on the project can be found on the dtec.bw infopage.

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Short description / summary

To retain a strong position within international transformative processes, the development of digital key competences for work and society must become a common aim of the whole education system. The goal is to sutainably stimulate the digital innovation power, which in higher education addresses students (also from non-STEM fields of study) as future leadership or ‘digital change agents’. For the implementation of high-value (reflexive-transformative) digital competence levels in higher education, the following project parts are developed:

  1. A digital basis bundle consisting of hard- und softwaresuite,
  2. Tools for digital competence assessment (selftest) and competence development (training),
  3. barrier-free Open Educational Ressources (OER).

In DigiTaKS*, equipping students technically is connected to individual assessment and qualification on the basis of accompanying multi-method impact analyses. Project partners of HSU are the two universities JMU Würzburg und Duisburg-Essen University, holding international expertise as well as established strategies for digitalisation. Also, three private-sector partners from the fields of media, education, and technology and the HSU IT coordination staff are on board. The developed OER products for self-directed competence assessment and training, as well as research results of strategies for digitalisation within the education sector, will be available to other universities, continuing education providers, and the federal armed forces in a dual-use scheme. Additionally, the project contributes to short- to midterm funding in IT and education sectors, to follow-up research studies as well as providing access to new business opportunities for small businesses in the long run.

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Please send all requests to digitaks@hsu-hh.de.

Project lead (HSU Hamburg)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmidt-Lauff (lead)

Dr. Jörg Schwarz (coordinator)

Subproject 1: digital work and learning in study programmes (HSU Hamburg)

Jan Schiller, M.A.

Marie Rathmann, M.A.

Therese Rosemann, M.A.

Subproject 2: Development of digital basis bundle “Open Work & Study” (HSU Hamburg)

Dr. Manuel Thiel (Subproject 2)

Subproject 3: Development of Tools for digital competence assessment and advancement

Bettina Schasse-Araujo
(WeTeK Berlin gGmbH)

Dr. Stephan Klingner
(InfAI e.v.)

Subproject 4: Design of collaborative digital learning settings

Prof. Dr. Regina Egetenmeyer
(Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg)

Lisa Breitschwert, M.A.
(Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg)

Subproject 5: Diversity and participation in digital learning

Prof. Dr. Silke Schreiber-Barsch
Universität Duisburg-Essen

Professur für Erwachsenenbildung

Email: silke.schreiber-barsch@uni-due.de


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