Project Smart Schools (SMASCH)

Project duration: 2021-2024

HSU Project Managers: Prof. Dr. Sigrid Hartong, Prof. Dr. Tobias Scheytt

The SMASCH project is funded by the Center for Digitalization and Technology Research of the German Armed Forces ( and is located within the OPAL research network.

Framework and Goal of the Project: The project accompanies and supports schools in developing sustainable, pedagogically meaningful, and demand-oriented digitalization concepts that have an appropriate and target-adequate effect in the medium and long term. Schools are understood as specific organizational contexts whose complex characteristics must be taken as the starting point for digitalization. This means that digitalization must be understood not only as a problem of technical equipment in schools, but above all as a driver of sustainable school development. Over the course of three intervention waves, the project will provide a selected group of schools with organization-specific and cross-linked consulting services, advanced training, providers for IT infrastructures, and support in designing analog conditions, and will evaluate their implementation. Throughout the project, the participating schools and the interested public will gain insights that will help them understand the complex and highly dynamic effects of digital technologies in educational organizations and to develop appropriate strategies for action.

Project Structure and Subprojects: The SMASCH project follows two different approaches: Within the framework of field research, processes of problematization, strategy development and change will be empirically accompanied at ten German and five Belgian state schools from the primary and secondary sectors. In addition, digitalization concepts will be developed and practically implemented at these schools in the form of an experimental intervention.

Project Volume: 3.58 million euros

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