M.Ed. Lucas Joecks

External Doctoral Researcher

E-Mail: [email protected]Lucas Joecks

Working title of the dissertation:

“EdTech-Consulting” as a New Form of Educational Governance in Germany: An Explorative Study of a Field between Schools, Politics and Corporations.


Prof. Dr. Sigrid Hartong

Research Profile:

  • Activities of private actors in the German school system
  • EdTech-Consulting for schools and administrations
  • Consulting in the context of digital learning
  • Public-Private-Partnerships
  • (New) Educational Governance
  • Intermediary actors / “boundary brokers”
  • EdTech-Discourses


  • since July 2022: External doctoral researcher at Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Professorship for Transformation of Governance in Education and Society. Funded through a research stipend by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation
  • 2020: Visiting student at the Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY), USA; Main focus: Critical Ed-Tech Studies and Urban Education Policy
  • 2018-2021: Master of Education (Political Science and English Philology) at Freie Universität Berlin; Thesis: “The Activities of EdTech-Businesses in the German School System: Discursive Strategies of SMART Technologies”
  • 2019-2021: Student assistant for Political Affairs and Communications at the German Children’s Fund (DKHW)
  • 2017-2019: Student assistant for the scientific board (Prof. Petra Stanat and Dr. Sofie Henschel) at the Institute for Educational Quality (IQB), Berlin
  • 2015: Erasmus exchange semester at the University of Edinburgh, UK; Main focus: International Relations und Linguistics
  • 2014-2018: Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and English Philology) at Freie Universität Berlin; Thesis: “Crisis of Representative Democracy? A Systems-Theoretical Approach to Democratic Threats and Political Support”


Conference Contributions/ Presentations:

  • Joecks, Lucas (2023): Navigating Ed-Tech Integration: The Role of Consultants in the Digital Transformation of German Schools. Presentation at the symposium “Platforms and Pedagogies: Digital Technologies and New Perspectives for Youth and Education”, Utrecht University, 14.-15.12.2023.
  • Joecks, Lucas (2023): In-Between Policy, Pedagogy, and Economics: Exploring the Intermediary Role of Ed-Tech Consultancy in Germany. Poster presentation at the Emerging Researchers‘ Conference (ERC) of the European Educational Research Association (EERA), Glasgow, 21.-25.08.2023.
  • Joecks, Lucas & Ortégon, Carlos (2023): Hybrid Team Ethnography – A Framework for Ethnographic Social Research of/through Digitality. Presentation at the workshop “Education & the Digital Transformation of Social Research”, PH Zürich, 21-23.6.2023.
  • Joecks, Lucas (2022): Das wachsende Feld der EdTech-Akteure in der Steuerung des deutschen Bildungssystems. Guest speaker at the seminar „Bildung steuern – Einführung in bildungspolitische Kontexte“ by Benedict Kurz, Bielefeld University, 12.12.2022.
  • Joecks, Lucas (2022): EdTech-Consulting: Vermittlung zwischen Pädagogik, Politik und Wirtschaft. Guest speaker at the seminar „Unterrichts- und Schulentwicklung – M.A. Bildungswissenschaften“ by Nick Oelrichs, TU Berlin, 08.12.2022.

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