UAS Coordination


HSU research activities in the field of UAS coordination are divided into two main areas. The first is investigating how traffic flow control can be achieved in the future. Forecasts predict a steep growth of urban UAS traffic. For this to occur safely and efficiently, UAS traffic management (UTM) is essential. An essential component of UTM systems is the detection and resolution of conflicts in the airspace before a UAS takes off, but also during flight (for example, in the case of emergency helicopter operations). In this context, HSU is working with industrial partners to develop UTM structures, processes and algorithms that can be deployed in the short term, while at the same time researching highly innovative and scalable technologies with a high degree of automation for medium- to long-term deployment.  

In addition, scientists at HSU are working on so-called systems of systems. This includes both UAS that cooperate with each other (e.g. UAS swarms for forest firefighting) as well as UAS  that cooperate with vehicles of other modalities, such as water and land (e.g. alliance of UAS and swimming robots for rescuing shipwrecked people). Here, the focus is on how to enable these systems to safely cooperate with each other in an automated manner to jointly accomplish goals that would be unattainable for an individual system. 

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