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Education, difference and plural societies


This research focus investigates the relationship between education, difference and plural societies. In doing so, several perspectives are brought into play and a multitude of theories and forms of empirical data are combined. On the one hand, education in this research focus is understood as a process that helps to process experiences of difference in plural societies by producing new patterns of interpretation and impact. Since plural societies resist unification, difference proves to be a characteristic educational ground for individual and collective actors. On the other hand …

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Cognitive Science


The Cognitive Science Cluster offers a platform for all researchers who are interdisciplinary interested in structures and processes of information processing. Members of the cluster successfully publish their research results. The cluster also facilitates cooperation with other institutions. Thus, there is a close relationship with the Medical School Hamburg. Joint scientific publications in renowned specialist bodies and joint research funding bear witness to this. The cluster thus addresses all researchers who feel committed to the information processing approach in describing, explaining and predicting experience and behaviour in research and application. For example, socially cognitive determinants of experience and behaviour in organisations with regard to leadership, commitment and health are part of the object of research. Many research questions cannot be approached in a well-founded manner without well-founded interdisciplinary cooperation.

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iFMS – interdisciplinary research focus Maritime Security

Ship in front of worldmapThe interdisciplinary research focus Maritime Security (iFMS) bundles the scientific expertise available at Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg in this field and acts as an external contact. In addition, it works continuously on the expansion of cooperation between experts and stakeholders in order to network existing maritime competence in northern Germany in terms of personnel and topics.

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Aviation Research

Im Rumpf eines Airbus

The cooperation in the “Aeronautics Research” research cluster enables networked research in the basic and application areas of aviation. Due to the HSU‘s broad engineering competence in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, even larger collaborative projects can be covered very well. The research cluster “Aviation Research” represents the university interface to the aviation companies Airbus Operations GmbH and Lufthansa Technik AG as well as to the Center for Applied Aviation Research (ZAL) and Hamburg Aviation. The research cluster “Aeronautical Research” is responsible for a continuous professional exchange with industrial companies as well as national and international aeronautical research institutions.

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Sustainable Energy Supply


The cooperation in the research cluster “Sustainable Energy Supply” enables a strongly focused research with interdisciplinary character. The different points of view of the participating researchers make it possible to find technically and socially viable solutions for the diverse topics of energy supply. The “Sustainable Energy Supply” research cluster represents the university interface to the Hamburg Energy Research Network and the Hamburg Renewable Energies Cluster, in the founding of which Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg was actively involved. Through the research cluster “Sustainable Energy Supply”, there is a continuous professional exchange with industrial companies as well as national and international energy research institutions.

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OPAL – Organization, Personnel, Work and Leadership


The transformations of our society, which are taking place on the basis of advancing digitalization and globalization, are changing not only the classical institutions, but also the ways of organization and work in an increasingly delimited world. The social, political and economic questions that arise in the course of these changes for the areas of organisation, personnel, work and leadership are dealt with empirically and theoretically in the interdisciplinary working context OPAL. The OPAL cluster is currently in the start-up phase. The aim is to bundle the diverse approaches and research that exist at Helmut Schmidt University in this field, to make them visible and to advance them within the framework of future coordinated joint projects.

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