Early-Stage and Experienced Researcher

Promoting younger and experienced researchers

Supporting the younger and experienced researchers on their further career is an outstanding privilege of the professors and the four departments of our University. The University’s management and administration are contributing especially in the case of cross-sectional issues by coordinating processes and developments, so that our university is one of Germany’s most attractive employers for younger and experienced researchers.

Deadline for applications on financial support for the Böttcher Congress Grand

Please keep in mind that you can get financial aid for participating in international conferences from the DAAD. If your application has been refused by the DAAD you can submit an application to the Böttcher Congress Grand.

The “PhD-Network”

This network is a joint initiative by several universities and institutions offering courses on methodology, especially for the social and economic sciences and the humanities. The “International Research Workshop” in Sankelmark is attended by approx. 80 younger researchers each year and a highlight you shouldn’t miss. The project is coordinated by the team of Professor Matiaske.

Supporting female younger and experienced researchers

Pro Exzellenzia is a program designed to support the career of female researchers, especially in the arts of mathematic, engineering, natural sciences, technology, aesthetics, music and architecture. The HSU/UniBw H is one of the seven Universities participating in this program, that includes high quality workshops.

Networks on Campus

Several times a year the younger and experienced researchers who hold a seat in the academic senate are organizing a convivial evening. Three to four younger researcher present their research in a familiar way to younger researchers from all departments. So by example as a sociologist you learn by example something about new findings an electronic engineer presents to you. The beer, that is served alongside, surely assist in keeping things simple and frees your mind to ask those sociological questions that an electronic engineer might early push forward.

The younger and experienced researchers belonging to the department of Humanities and Social Sciences (GeiSo) meet on an irregularly basis for a “Mittelbautreffen” (please mail to Sebastian Pranghofer, [email protected]). Younger and experienced researches who became already parents can join the “Interest Group Parents” (IG Eltern, please mail to [email protected]).

Visiting Scholar Program

Younger and experienced researcher can invite a visiting scholar for several months to our University. The program is administrated by the president’s office, and applications for financial aid will be accepted throughout the year. Applications need to involve the approval of your professor.

International Conferences

If you don’t succeed in getting a financial aid by the DAAD External Link: getting a financial aid by the DAAD for your attendance at an international conference, you can – after your application has been rejected by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – apply for a Böttcher grand. Since early 2015 numerous participations in international conference received a Böttcher grand, by example conferences in New York/USA (Birga Schumpe), Istanbul/Turkey (Dr. Morvarid Dehnavi), Bristol/GB (Dr. Martin Stawinoga), Oregon/USA (Stefanie Wulf), Bern/Switzerland (Christine Flaßbeck), Atlanta/USA (Dr. Florian Kühn), Valencia/Spain (Dr. Sebastian Pranghofer), Edinburgh/UK (Eric Sons), Bristol/UK (André Armbruster), Anaheim/USA (Dr. Angela Kornau) and San Antonio/USA (Dr. Sigrid Hartong).

Undertaking a research period abroad

If you get invited as a research fellow by a foreign University our International Office (AAA) will help you to get a grand, e.g. for your travel expenses. Keep in mind, that you need to find a way with your professor and department how to substitute your teaching duties at the HSU/UniBw H.
You may even get abroad and retain your salary from HSU. Please aproach department 4 in the main administration for further questions. You will find a leaflet explaining the conditions in our intranet.

Research Awards

The Körber foundation Hamburg awards the highly remunerated “Deutschen Studienpreis” for outstanding PhD thesises. It is open to all kind of subjects and arts.
The friends and promoters of the HSU/UniBw H (Freunde und Förderer) award a science award each year. For detailed information write to [email protected].
If you are a younger or experienced researcher from one of the technical departments, you could be eligible to receive the Wolfram-Funk-Preis. Please approach you faculty’s dean for further information.

Project support

If you plan to organize a summer school you could apply for a grand at the VW-Foundation, the DAAD and even at the friends and promoters of the HSU/UniBw H (Freunde und Förderer). You will receive organizational support from Jan Lehmann ([email protected]).

Workshops on campus

If you plan to invite younger and experienced researchers from other Universities for a longer workshop to our campus, you may ask Jan Lehmann ([email protected]) if he can provide guest rooms. Your professor is the one you should approach for financial support. And for general assistance it is advised to inform the International Office (AAA) as well.

Printing fee support

If you need to publish your PhD in vanity press, you probably have to pay to get published. To cover parts of your expenses, you may ask your department for financial support. The statutes of the friends and promoters of the HSU/UniBw H (Freunde und Förderer) show in § 2, section a, supporting printing fees financially being one of their policies ([email protected]).

Overall and legal framework

The head of department 1 ([email protected]) can assist in organizing child care in the closer environment of the campus.
The amount of years you are allowed to be employed in a University before you become a decent professor is restricted (6 years before you completed your PhD and 6 years after you completed it). Get a personal consultation and make a plan how to spend your time according to this very restrictive law (WissZeitVG).
A final remark: This website needs your ideas to offer better information. Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions.

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