Goals of the IFMS

The interdisciplinary Research Network “Maritime Security” (iFMS) incorporates the available HSU know-how in this area and serves as a point of contact for outward communication. In addition, it serves to promote cooperation between experts and stakeholders in northern Germany in order to integrate maritime competence both on the personal and the topical level.

The interdisciplinary Research Network “Maritime Security” has been established by a cooperation agreement between the Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of the Federal Armed Forces (HSU) and the Federal Ministry of Defence (FMD) on 12 June 2017.


iFMS as a cooperation


By providing scientific expertise through relevant analyses and studies, the iFMS contributes to the formation of evidence-based perspectives and strategies within the FMD, particularly in the department Pol II 1.

Within the broader field of maritime security, the clear focus of expertise of iFMS lies in cyber related subjects.

Topics of the IFMS

Within the topic of Maritime Security, iFMS has outstanding expertise in the North Sea and Baltic Sea region and Indonesia (Indo-Pacific), as well as the topics of cyber security, digitalization and maritime resilience.

The iFMS team is led by Prof. Dr. Gary S. Schaal as executive academic director. Further members of the team are Dr. Sebastian Dumm and Alexandra M. Friede M.A., Dr. Deniz Kocak, Julian Pawlak M.A., Severin Pleyer M.A. and Dr. Alexander Stulpe.


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