Legally compliant IT concepts and solutions for networks of autonomous UAS, land and water vehicles 

picture of RIVA-Team

RIVA aims to enable vehicle networks of different modalities (land, water, air) to perform missions autonomously in real time. For this purpose, the environment and boundary conditions are to be determined by the network and an environment model is to be generated. With the generated knowledge of the different capabilities of the individual vehicles, missions will be planned and executed, whereas changes in the environment will directly affect the task assignments among individual vehicles. Mission execution will at first be simulated and demonstrated in practice later on. At the same time, the relevant legal framework for the developed approaches will be researched. Starting from an inventory of existing regulations, the law will be systematically developed towards an approach integrating the different modalities. 

RIVA is funded by the “Zentrum für Digitalisierungs- und Technologieforschung der Bundeswehr“ (DTEC.Bw).  

Three different HSU professorships are working on the RIVA project, together with two industrial partners who will be providing the necessary hardware and simulation environment. 

The project is managed by the Professorship of Automation Technology. The Person of contact is Marvin Zager

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