Digital Learning Tools

In the context of smaller research projects, respectively as partial aspects of the comprehensive research topics, we also investigate individual digital tools at the professorship, currently in particular the reading software Antolin as well as the school platform itslearning.

Förschler, Annina; Hartong, Sigrid; Kramer, Anouschka; Meister-Scheytt, Claudia & Junne, Jaromir (2021) Zur (ambivalenten) Wirkmächtigkeit datengetriebener Lernplattformen: Eine Analyse des „Antolin“-Leseförderungsprogramms. MedienPädagogik. Sonderheft: Datengetriebene Schule. (in press)

Hartong, Sigrid & Decuypere, Mathias (2021) Platform(ed)professional(itie)s: Digitization and the ongoing transformation of
Special Issue: Tertium Comparationis. (in press)

Hartong, Sigrid; Förschler, Annina & Dabisch, Vito (2021) Data infrastructures and the (ambivalent) effects of rising data interoperability: insights from Germany. In: Wyatt-Smith, Caire; Lingard, Bob & Heck, Elizabeth (Eds.) Digital Disruption in Teaching and Testing: Assessments, Big Data, and the Transformation of Schooling, Routledge: 136-151.

Allert, Heidrun; Bleckmann, Paula; Förschler, Annina; Hartong, Sigrid & Sander, Ina (2021) UNBLACK THE BOX – Ansätze für einen (selbst)bewussten Umgang mit digitalen Datentechnologien in der Schule. Block seminar. Universität Regensburg, Online, 11.-13.06.2021.

Hartong, Sigrid; Dabisch, Vito & Förschler, Annina (2020) Learning platform on the rise – itslearning’s corporate expansion strategy and its ambivalent effects on schooling in Germany. Lecture in the context of the symposium “Seeing through Data: The normalizing Politics of Datafication and its Impact on Teacher and Student Subjectivities“, European Educational Research Association (EERA), Annual Conference 2020, Glasgow, 24.-28.08.2020. (Conference cancelled)

Hartong, Sigrid & Förschler, Annina (2020) Digitalization and Predictive Governance in Education. Lecture in the context of the workshop “PREGOV (PREdictive GOVernance) – Towards Transdisciplinary Perspectives“, HSU Hamburg, 07.02.2020.


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