SPP1476: Small machine tools for small workpieces

The LaFT held the spokesperson role in the completed DFG priority programme SPP1476 “Small machine tools for small workpieces” (project duration 2010-2016). Below you will find the most important information about the SPP.

The Priority Programme SPP1476 “Small Machine Tools for Small Workpieces”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), is made up of projects from 18 leading institutes of production technology from 13 German universities. Over the project period from 2010-2016, the aim of the priority programme was to make novel, size-adapted, modular machine tools available for micro-manufacturing. In close cooperation, novel tool and feed modules were developed at the different locations so that required machines can be integrated and disintegrated ad hoc and task-oriented from the functionally different modules.

The final report of SPP1476 was published as an anthology by Springer: LINK

A summary of the project content and results can be found in the following SPP flyers:


The summary of the SPP1476 publications, subdivided according to the individual project partners, can be found in the following document:


Project page in the GEPRIS database of the DFG:  LINK

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