Current Research Projects

BMBF: EvalSpek-ML – Disassembling linear combinations into their constituent parts

DFG (SPP 2422): Data-based tool try out in sheet metal forming

BMVg, DTEC: KIBIDZ – Risk analysis for rescue workers and buildings in case of fire

BMBF: NEED – Sustainable increase in the data competence of young scientists in electromobile production

BMWK ZIM, Digital Shadows – DS-BSZ-Busse

AM Analytics: Automated in-situ defect detection in powder bed-based additive manufacturing

EU project: DigiMed – Digital value chains for medical technology based on additive manufacturing of patient-specific facial surgical implants

BMBF: SILK – Assessment of security incidents in critical infrastructure and generation of recommended actions for personnel by AI-based text mining.

BMVg, DTEC : SmartShip – Digital Twins for intelligent ships anf for ship fleets

BMBF: KIAAA – An AI assistant for training in automation

BMVg, DTEC: LaiLa – Laboratory for intelligent Lightweight Production

BMWi ZIM: DigiWood – Development of a software platform for woodworking machines for the digitization of woodworking processes

BMVg, DTEC: EKI – Engineering for AI-based Automation in virtual and real production plants

BMWi: Development of an intelligent thread monitoring for double lockstitching using ring magnets for precise thread consumption forecasts and identification of sewing errors with an accurary of over 99%

BMVg DETC: (K) ISS – Artificial Intelligence for the diagnosis of the International Space Station ISS


BMBF: Time4CPS – A Software Framework for the analysis of time dependent behaviour in production and logistic processes

KIPro – AI-based assistance system platform for complex production processes in mechanical and plant engineering


Previous projects at the Institute for Industrial IT – inIT of the University of Applied Sciences OWL (involved until March 2019)

BMWi ZIM Project AgeSID – Diagnosis in industrial networks (2010-2012)

Hightech.NRW (EFRE) Project inITial – Design and Diagnosis of Automation Systems (2010-2012)

BMBF Project AVA – Learning of Time-Dependent Automated Systems for Plant Diagnosis (2011-2014)

BMWi Zuvis Project – 3D Plant Visualization on Mobile Devices (2011-2013)

BMWi Zuvis Project Modelon – Development of a HIL platform for automation with Modelica (2012-2014)

Leading-Edge Cluster Project itsowl-innovit – Model-Based Development of Distributed Automation Systems (2012-2014)

DAAD program for cooperation with Turkey

BMBF project EfA – BMBF project for the development of intelligent assistance systems for the planning of automation systems (2012-2015)

ZIM project ASK FLOAsK Assistance for resource-saving sewer cleaning (2013-2015)

ZIM Project FLOAsK Sewer Cleaning Assistant in the Cloud (2015-2016)

BMWi Autonomik 4.0: OPAK – Open Engineering Platform for Autonomous, Mechatronic Automation Components (2013-2016)

BMBF project itsowl-TT-IASA – Intelligent Assistance System for Asset Analysis (2014-2015)

BMWi ZIM Project PrognosisBrain – Development of a system for the use of learning, correlative and prognostic algorithms for condition monitoring in small and medium sized manufacturing (2013-2015)

BMBF project Semantics4Automation (2013-2017)

Leading-Edge Cluster Project itsowl-TT-IDAHO – Identification of Operating Conditions and Preventive Maintenance of High Pressure Pumps (2015-2016)

Leading-Edge Cluster Project itsowl-TT-IASEB – Intelligent Assistance System for Energy Efficient Motion Control in Conveyors (2015-2016)

Leading-Edge Cluster Project itsowl-TT-iDEPP – Intelligent Diagnostic Platform for Detecting Process Anomalies in Production Lines (2015-2016)

BMWi ZIM project UniProPra (2015-2017)

EU Project IMPROVE (Coordinator) – Innovative Modeling Approaches for Production Systems to Raise Validatable Efficiency (2015-2017)

BMBF project “its-owl-work 4.0 – shaping the world of work in industry against the backdrop of Industry 4.0” (2016-2017)

BMWi Autonomik Project DEVEKOS – Integrated Engineering for Safe, Distributed and Communicating Multicomponent Systems (2017-2019)

BMBF IP1 – Impulse Project 1 – Quality Assurance in Food Production through Cyber-Physical Systems and Big Data (2017-2019)

Provenance Analytics: Origin, Cause, and Source Interpretation Technologies in Complex, Data Driven, and Connected Applications (2017-2019)

BMBF project itsowl-TT-APPiD – Assistance system for process monitoring in production systems of industrial print finishing (2017-2018)

BMBF project ADIMA – Adaptive assistance system for the maintenance of intelligent machines and plants (2017-2019)

BMBF SMARTPas – Cyber-Physical System (CPS) for thermal sterilization of beverages using NIR sensor technology as key technology (2017-2019)

BMBF Montexas 4.0 – Excellent installation in the context of Industry 4.0 (2017-2019)

BMBF ITS.ML – Next generation intelligent technical systems through machine learning (2018-2021)

BMBF KOARCH – Cognitive Architecture for Cyber-physical Production Systems and Industry 4.0 (2018-2021)

Research Projects at Fraunhofer IOSB-INA (involved until March 2019)

BMBF Leading-Edge Cluster Project itsowl-EE – Energy Optimization of Production Facilities

IGF project Anubis – IGF project for energy monitoring using automation technology

BMBF Leading-Edge Cluster Project itsowl-IASI: Energy Optimization of Drive Systems

BMBF Leading-Edge Cluster Project itsowl-innovit: Model-Based Development of Distributed Automation Systems

BMBF Project AGATA – Analysis of large amounts of data in processing processes

IGF Project AGARVE – Assistance systems for the monitoring of networked plants – Challenges in networking as well as in the detection of causal relationships in Industry 4.0 environments, diagnosis of production plants

ML4P: Fraunhofer Leitprojekt Machine Learning for Production

GreyBox: Fraunhofer Project Gray Box Models – Integration of application knowledge in learning processes

Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies (CCIT), subproject CenterML, Foundations of machine learning for cyber-physical systems


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