DigiWood: Development of a software platform for woodworking machines for the digitization of woodworking processes

The aim of the “DigiWood” cooperation project is to develop an innovative software solution for implementation in new woodworking machines, for automated control, networking and predictive maintenance of new woodworking machines. This software solution is intended to connect the office administration of the woodworking industry with the woodworking machines within the company. Work processes can be optimized in terms of time due to automated parameterization and machine settings, digitization of the automation of work steps between different machines guaranteed, networked production using plug & produce and predictive maintenance of machines and tools made possible on the customer side.

Which existing problem is being solved?

Current lack of intelligent machine management systems causes delays, quality fluctuations, excessive tool wear and material waste in production, and thus leads to inefficiencies and low production efficiency
The lack of standardized communication interfaces between the machines, as well as the machine and management software, have so far not allowed automated, self-controlling production chains and are the cause of the current manual programming
The new software should make it possible to control woodworking machines automatically via Plug & Produce, to record data in real time and to plan, regulate and control entire production lines independently on the basis of these manufacturing processes. For this purpose, a cloud-based solution is sought through which recipes for manufacturing process control and module linking can be downloaded

Duration: 2021-2023

Project partner:

Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg

This project is funded by the BMWi as part of the ZIM program.


Letzte Änderung: 24. February 2021