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The legislation provides the framework for new technical developments. It decides on opportunities and possibilities for the practical introduction of new technologies into our communities. The legislation safeguards new developments, guarantees minimum standards and an appropriate level of security. By ensuring legal certainty and clarity, the law also contributes to the social acceptance of new developments. Technical innovation must therefore be closely accompanied by thorough legal analysis. Furthermore, interdisciplinary research can generate valuable impulses for innovation. 

While jurisprudential work is traditionally characterized as the science of the correct understanding and application of law, research on AAM is based on the action-oriented control approach developed by the science of administrative law. Aside from the traditional legal dogmatic work, such as the analysis of the airspace regulation framework, the research takes place in close collaboration with adjacent sciences, especially engineering, and from a law-making perspective. In this way, regulatory needs are uncovered and future-proof regulatory concepts are developed for a regulatory landscape which is still largely open in the field of unmanned aviation. 

The research area of “UAS-legislation” is not only characterized by an increasing activity of the legislative bodies, but also by a close linkage between the International, European and German law. Since new legal provisions are mainly found in Commission Implementing Regulations and national law, it is not only necessary to develop an understanding for them, but to also fit them into the overarching regulatory context of superior law. Mutual implications must be uncovered and thorough worked. Furthermore, the changing requirements of airspace use as well as the new technical possibilities have to be transferred into a legal framework that meets the expectations of society. In particular, the legal implications of the technical development from increasingly automated to autonomous UAS will be examined. Further insights will be gained from concepts already developed in other areas. In doing so, the integrability of research results for the science of administrative law is ensured. 

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