Optimized Cabin Power-Supplies in Modern Aircraft by Use of higher DC-Voltages

This project is part of the flagship project 1 “Cabin Technology and Multifunctional Fuel Cell” in top cluster Aviation Location Metropolitan Area Hamburg. It belongs to the partial project “Concepts for Architectures of Power-Supplies in Aircraft Cabins”. This aviation cluster aims to develop economical and ecological concepts for the increasing air traffic. Thus, the whole innovation and value-added chain of aircraft industry is covered from research over development, testing, production and equipment until recycling. This is done with a systematic and holistic approach.

The goal of this project is to optimize cabin power-supplies of modern aircraft with focus on high DC voltages for the feeding of high cabin loads. On the one hand the fuel cell can be optimal integrated into the cabin in this way, on the other hand there is a weight reduction with the cabin consumers. Furthermore, the grid structure is optimized and an intelligent load management is developed in this project.

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Contact partner:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Detlef Schulz (project manager)
Department of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Power Systems

Cooperation Partner: Airbus Operations GmbH


Letzte Änderung: 28. May 2021