Distributed Energy Laboratory – DLab

Under the roof term „Distributed Energy Laboratory“ – short DLab – operates the institute different laboratories for investigation of key technologies in the field of electrical power systems. The well-equipped, versatile and networked facilities offer the also in the international comparison rare possibility to develop ideas from the fundamental research over patent applications all the way to the subsequent applied research with development of prototypes in comparatively and competitively short periods of time.

Grid laboratory

Emulation and investigation of power systems and stand-alone grids with high share of renewable energies, as well as development of innovative grid protection devices

Wind energy laboratory

Test benches for the investigation of wind turbines with double-fed asynchronous machine and permanently excited synchronous generator

High voltage laboratory

Laboratory set-ups in a modular design for experiments with alternating current, direct current and withstanding voltage up to 140 kV, as well as measurement of partial discharge

Grid impedance measurement container

Development and validation of measuring instruments for the identification of frequency-dependent grid impedance for low voltage, medium voltage up to 20 kV and high voltage up to 110 kV

Hydrogen and fuel cell laboratory

Investigation of electrically controllable fuel cell membranes
Investigation of an internal methanation in the exhaust pipe of an electrolyzer
Test benches for the development and investigation of new fuel cell and hydrogen technologies

Aircraft electrical on-board system laboratory

Analysis and evaluation of new power grid topologies and development of smart power management for aircraft electrical on-board power systems

Medium voltage laboratory

Investigation of the electric strength of power electronics up to 30 kV

Electric vehicles

Mitsubishi iMiev

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