Since 2007 studies are rearranged from final degree “diploma” to “bachelor / master”. Teaching includes lectures, exercises and laboratories for students of the courses “Electrical Engineering”, “Grid operation and smart grids (new: since 2013)” as well as “Industrial engineering”. Following topics are covered:

  • electrical power systems
  • grid faults
  • grid operation and smart grids
  • renewable energy systems in grid-connected operation
  • high voltage technology
  • voltage and current transformers for power systems
  • energy economics
  • international energy economics with focus on natural gas

In the following the contents are described briefly.

In the basic lectures “electrical power systems”, “grid faults and grid operation” and in the corresponding exercises the students get insights to power generation including technics dealing with renewable energies; a main focus is the transport and distribution of electrical energy and the planning and operation of the grids.


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