Electrical Power Systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Detlef Schulz

The department is headed since the end of 2005 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Detlef Schulz and covers the spectrum of conventional and regenerative power plants, transmission and distribution grids, grid coupling of decentralized power generators, electrical systems and electromobility up to energy-efficient consumers.

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Teaching includes lectures, exercises and labs in the following areas

  • Electrical energy supply
  • Calculation of grid errors and grid Operation
  • Basics of high voltage Engineering
  • Transient processes in high-voltage grids
  • Regenerative energy systems in grid Operation
  • Energy economics

The following topics are forcus of research

  • Electrical energy systems under new Parameters
  • Grid integration of decentralized generation plants
  • Grid identification via measurement of the frequency-dependent grid impedance
  • Future structure of energy supply
  • Electromobility in the distribution Network
  • Electrical aircraft systems

DLab – Distributed Energy Laboratory


NEIS Conference