Electrical Power Systems

Prof. Dr.Ing. habil. Detlef Schulz

The chair of Electrical Power Systems is headed since the end of 2005 by Prof. Dr.Ing. habil. Detlef Schulz and covers the spectrum of conventional and regenerative power plants, transmission and distribution grids, grid coupling of decentralized power generators, electrical power systems and electromobility up to energy-efficient consumers.

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Teaching includes lectures, exercises and labs in the following areas

  • Electrical power systems
  • Calculation of grid fault and grid operation
  • Basics of high voltage engineering
  • Transient processes in high-voltage grids
  • Regenerative energy systems in grid operation
  • Energy economics

The following topics are focus of research

  • Electrical power systems — Modelling and grid computation, smart grids, stand-alone power systems detection
  • Grid identification — Simulation and measurement of frequency-dependent grid impedance
  • Electromobility — Optimisation of charging infrastructure and integration into grid
  • Multimodal energy systems — Sector coupling, hydrogen, fuel Cells, electrolysis
  • More Electric Aircraft — Aircraft electrical systems, power management, integration of fuel cells, 3D-printing

DLab – Distributed Energy Laboratory


NEIS Conference