Hydrogen-based emergency power supply with integrated control power plant using flexible sector coupling and metal hydride storage (HyReflexS)

Due to the resolution to convert all bus lines to use electrically powered busses, bus operations in Hamburg are facing extensive restructuring. In addition to comprehensive concepts for normal operation, the future emergency power supply of the bus depots plays an important role. In the HyReflexS project, we are developing an emergency power supply using fuel cell and electrolysis systems with hydrogen storage systems based on metal hydrides (MH). The overall system allows the demonstration of sector coupling using a “power-to-gas” (PtG) system to couple the gas, electricity, and mobility sectors. The research focus of the chair of Applied Materials Engineering in this project includes:

  • Construction and testing of a system for hydrogen treatment based on polymer membranes and MH
  • Construction and testing of a modular hydrogen storage system based on MH
  • Integration of these components and development of (partial) process control and regulation
  • Thermo-chemical process and component simulation

Duration: 10/2020 – 09/2023


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