Natural Science and Technology Practical Course I (NWTP I)

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MB 02901

Prof. Dr.Ing. Julian Jepsen

Mechanical engineering, civil engineering

Winter trimester


Students of this module deepen core topics of various lectures in the form of laboratory experiments and become familiar with practically appropriate methods and equipment. They should become familiar with the conception, execution, and documentation of experiments and thus be able to independently operate scientific and technical equipment and plan and document a series of experiments.

Materials engineering: composition of materials and lattice structures using X-ray fine structure analysis, grain sizes and internal stresses, formation, and characterisation of microstructures and phase transformations, phase diagrams, especially iron-carbon, basic hardening mechanisms, corrosion, behaviour and failure of materials under mechanical load and corresponding test methods, non-destructive materials testing, microscopic methods (light and scanning electron microscopy).

Mechanics: Force distribution in truss structures, friction effects, elasticity theory using the example of experiments with materials under load (tensile tests, orthotropic material behavior, relaxation, creep); verification of models of mechanics (Bernoulli hypothesis using correlation measurement system).


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