Materials for Efficient Energy Conversion

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MB 09721

Prof. Dr.Ing. Julian Jepsen, Dr. Mauricio Schieda

Energy and environmental technology

Winter trimester


Students of this module acquire basic knowledge on the function of elements for the hydrogen economy and efficient conversion of regenerative energies. They further learn about requirements for applied materials based on such elements

Hydrogen economy, basics of the thermodynamics of chemical reactions, basics of the function of solar cells, types of solar cells and their production, basics of electrochemistry, electrolyzers, photoelectrochemical cells, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, application of the low-temperature fuel cell in automobiles, batteries, photocatalysis for solar wastewater treatment, solar thermal plants.
The possibilities of future efficient energy technology are discussed regarding resource scarcity and climate change. The module focuses on the materials used for components and their production


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