Materials engineering I, II

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MB 01701

Prof. Dr.Ing. T. Klassen and Prof. Dr.Ing. Julian Jepsen

Mechanical engineering, industrial engineering

Materials Engineering I summer trimester Materials Technology II winter trimester

7 in total ((2) Materials Engineering I, (1) Materials Engineering Exercises, (3) Materials Engineering II)

Students of this module should be able to assess the behavior of materials and adjust properties precisely through alloying elements and/or microstructure modification. For this purpose, an understanding of the essential structure/structure-property correlation is to be imparted. Furthermore, the ability should be developed to select suitable materials and material combinations for a specific application, taking into account the property profile, the component geometry and load, as well as the manufacturing effort or the manufacturing influence

Structure of materials, bonding conditions, lattice structures, lattice defects, microstructure, thermal transformation processes, phase transformation processes, phase diagrams, especially iron-carbon, characterization of steels, light alloys: Aluminium-, magnesium-, and titanium-based materials, brass, polymers, ceramics, manufacturing and shaping processes, basic hardening mechanisms, hardening processes, surface finishing, corrosion, behavior and failure of materials under mechanical load and corresponding test methods, fundamentals and problems of welding and brazing, X-ray fine structure analysis, non-destructive material testing, microscopic methods (light and scanning electron microscopy).


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