At the Chair of Control Engineering there are numerous research projects, which cover a wide spectrum in terms of content. In the further course of this page all of them are listed individually and linked with corresponding further information and contact persons.

The research focus on mobile robots, mainly on land and in the air, becomes clear by looking at the current projects through a significant number of partly self-financed and externally financed projects.

In almost all areas, our research is application-oriented. Our excellent laboratory equipment serves as a comfortable basis for the processing of the projects. In addition to an indoor test area for moving and flying systems, which allows position detection by a motion capture system, we also have numerous typical sensors in the field of mobile robots, such as 2D and 3D laser measurement systems.

In addition, the professorship has a 5kW fuel cell test bench, which is used to develop operating strategies for polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells and integrated PEM fuel cell systems for mobile and stationary applications.

Do you have questions about current projects or are you interested in starting a new one with us? Feel free to contact us!

Current projects

Spielfeld eines Flippertisches

Automated Pinball Machine

The aim of the project is the automation of an electromechanical pinball machine by reinforcement learning. Different strategies for controlling the pinball machine with respect to the game duration and the score are to be investigated.

Freileitung mit Multikopter


The aim of the project “Digitalized, legally compliant and low-emission airmobile inspection and network data acquisition with automated drones” (DNeD) is to create and test a UAS for automated dropping of a sensor for the acquisition of electrical quantities on an overhead line.

Grafik mit Kopf und Zahnrad

Torque-interruption-free switchgear

As part of the optimization of the drivetrain of drones, a new type of transmission was invented that can also find its application in passenger cars and trucks. The special feature of the transmission is torque-interruption-free shifting between at least two gears.

Flugzeug mit Multikopter

AI Inspection Drone

The joint project AI Inspection Drone aims to design a holistic system of a UAS for damage detection and assessment of external structures. The application example in this collaborative project is a commercial aircraft on which surface a lightning strike is to be detected.

Stahlbrücke mit Multikopter


The aim of the project “Condition assessment of steel infrastructure facilities using multivariate inspection systems and drones” is to develop and test an automated multivariate inspection system for steel infrastructure facilities.

Gruppe von Bodenrobotern

Multi-robot systems

This project deals with the dynamic stability and performance of different architectures of homogeneous multi-robot systems. Factors to be considered include communication topology, measurement equipment, source finding control and navigation algorithms..

Silhouette eines Quadrotors

PEM Fuel Cell Powered UAS

The project investigates the advantages and feasibility of a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell powered Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and applications to be derived from it.

Bodenroboter mit Multikoper im Hafen


The project “Legally compliant IT concepts and solutions for alliances of autonomous land, water and air vehicles” aims to enable vehicle alliances of different modalities (land, water, air) to autonomously fulfill missions in real time.

Silhouette eines Quadrotors


The newly developed camera/sensor system (SFU Swarm Flight Unit) is used to detect, classify and determine the distance of drones in three-dimensional space. For the validation and further development of this system, a specially constructed test bench was set up.

UN Fahrzeuge im Konvoi

Teleoperated driving in convoy

Unmanned or partially manned material transport is a promising topic for armed forces worldwide. The task is to determine and evaluate how vehicles with different characteristics can cooperate in a convoy. The aim is to develop both architectural structures and control approaches.

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