Control engineering is an interdisciplinary methodology for the determined influencing of dynamic processes, as can be found in various technical areas of application, but also in non-technical areas. In engineering teaching, control engineering is included as an introductory compulsory subject at the Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg. For students of electrical engineering, the basic lectures as part of the bachelor’s degree are supplemented by a laboratory exercise. As part of the master’s degree courses, advanced lectures are offered as compulsory or elective subjects.

In bachelor theses as well as study and master theses, theoretical questions as well as computer and laboratory-oriented tasks on current research topics are dealt with. Extensive laboratory equipment is available for this purpose. It includes a fuel cell test bench, simulation systems, PC workstations, structures for basic experiments as well as a motion capture system and various mobile robots for use outdoors and indoors.

The professorship’s research activities focus on two areas. In the field of fuel cells, the main focus is on multifunctional use in order to improve the overall efficiency of such systems. The aim of research in the field of robotics is the autonomous reconnaissance and mapping of unknown environments as well as the automated inspection of infrastructure elements by mobile robots.


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