The goal of teaching at the MRP is to introduce students to methodical product development as well as machine elements. Specifically, we offer the following lectures:

Links to the module manuals/module descriptions of the courses:

Module Manual Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Mechanical Engineering
Module Manual Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Module Handbook Bachelor’s Programs Industrial Engineering
Module Manual Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management

Module responsible/contact person for the courses in the Bachelor’s program:

MB 02201 – Machine Elements I and II: Dipl.-Ing. Christian Vorwerk
MB 07221 – Methodology of Development: Dipl.-Ing. Christian Vorwerk

Module responsible/contact person of the courses in the master study:

MB 08221 – Fundamentals of Product Development: M.Sc. Daniel Mau
MB 09201 – Additive Manufacturing Processes: M.Sc. Jörn Zühlke
MB 09221 – Strategic Product Planning: M.Sc. Christian Frischen
MB 09222 – Virtual Product Development: Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Seybold
MB 09222 – Advanced Lab Virtual Product Development: M.Sc. Wilke Willems
MB 09223 – Digital Transformation in Product Development: M.Sc. Meihen Kohsar


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