PANDA offers a construction kit for optimizing machines with Artificial Intelligence – from sensors, digitization, IT to a wide range of algorithms for various applications such as automated EOL checks using machine vision and fault-cause mining. PANDA has developed an open source framework for this purpose that allows the combination of different data sources for machine learning. Images, spectograms, characteristic curves, acoustic signals, time series, statistical samples and semantic information can thus be evaluated together to detect anomalies and understand correlations.



Revent optimizes industrial product processes with the help of event-based workflow technologies. The core of the company is a low-code collaboration platform for user-centric mapping of cooperative workflows. The platform extends the enterprise app idea and transfers the paradigm of conversational workflows from research to practice: Process flows are modeled via actions and events as interactive conversations between participating users. The activities serve as carriers of arbitrary content (specialized applications). In order to be able to work independently of and across systems, the platform acts as a connecting layer above the existing IT landscape and integrates data via CRUD operators.


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