UAS Infrastructure

Schematische Darstellung eines Vertiports

In the area of infrastructure, new needs arise, especially in the medium-term perspective, to enable AAM concepts. In future urban air transport systems, UAS could provide an alternative to the current means of transport and thus relieve congested routes. This will require versatile infrastructures, ranging from simple landing sites, to vertiports with loading/fueling facilities, to large depots in which UAS can be maintained. In particular, the HSU is investigating the infrastructure needed to supply urban air transport systems for passengers and freight.  

The investigations cover the features of the individual vertiport locations with loading/fueling infrastructure, as well as the concrete design of these systems. Furthermore, the influences of such a transport system on the power grid will be analyzed and to what extent expansion requirements arise in order to realize an adequate power supply. The approach will be open to all technologies to ensure that the estimates obtained provide a valid basis for subsequent system development. 

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