UAS Development

Zwei Hände vor einem UAS

A UAS is more than the sum of its parts. The combination of hardware and software, with the appropriate knowledge of individual parts, enables a great variety with regard to the final flight platform. For example, different chassis, propulsion technologies, rotor arrangements and payload assemblies are possible, to name just a few variations. 

While no consumer products are manufactured at the HSU, the fundamental know-how for the realization of UAS is available. We do not rely on standard components. Instead, particularly in the area of software, namely the flight control system, we develop novel components. The focus here is on automating UAS, enabling them to perform increasingly complex tasks on their own, e.g. inspection flights and counter UAS operations. Furthermore, the realization of alternative propulsion concepts, such as the integration of a fuel cell, is being investigated in order to enable longer flight durations. 

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