Digitalized network data collection with automated drones

UAS an Überlandleitung

The aim of DNeD is to investigate and test an intelligent, flight-capable system that automatically inspects overhead power lines and is capable of placing a sensor on an overhead transmission line to record electrical variables in the medium and high-voltage grid. The flight platform is to plan and execute the flight as well as the drop-off independently under the prevailing boundary conditions such as wind or type of line routing. During the execution, all relevant data will be received on a ground station, intelligently processed and visualized in a way that they can be easily interpreted by a human operator at any time. In addition, the flight platform will be highly fail-safe due to its design and the controller architectures used.

The project ties in with the existing use of UAS in the field of inspection tasks. It is no longer intended to measure only without contact, but for the first time a measuring system for the acquisition of electrical quantities is to be set down on an energized overhead power transmission line to be inspected. This expansion will result in significant savings for network operators, as the time-consuming inspection by human personnel will be almost completely eliminated and lines will no longer have to be switched off. In addition, the application range of UAS is significantly extended, as not only safe automated flight within electric fields becomes possible, but also the precise setting down of loads on moving surfaces.

DNeD is funded by the “Zentrum für Digitalisierungs- und Technologieforschung der Bundeswehr“ (DTEC.Bw) and runs from 01.11.2020 to 31.12.2024.

he project is managed by the Professorship of Control Engineering. Person of contact is Prof. Joachim Horn.

Involved HSU-professorships

Professorship of Control Engineering

Professorship of Electrical Power Systems 


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