Condition assessment of steel infrastructure using multivariate inspection systems and UAS 

Stahlbrücke mit UAS

The aim of this project is to develop and test a method for an automated multivariate inspection system for steel infrastructure, using UAS as carrier systems. This includes on the one hand the research of the hardware components (including UAS, sensors and units for data acquisition, data processing and data storage) and on the other hand the software components (e.g. algorithms for the optimal flight path and condition analysis based on the sensor data, as well as for storage in a cloud and visualization via a web interface). 

A hyperspectral camera is used as the central sensor for damage detection in order to obtain a multi-layered database for accurate damage analysis during the flight. 

MISDRO is funded by the „Zentrum für Digitalisierungs- und Technologieforschung der Bundeswehr“ (DTEC.Bw). Under the leadership of the Professorship of Steel Construction, the Professorship of Control Engineering and four other industrial partners from the fields of construction inspection, UAS development and AI-based sensor data processing are working on the project. 

Person of contact for this project is Prof. Max Gündel

Involved HSU-professorships

Professorship of Steel Construction

Professorship of Control Engineering


Letzte Änderung: 10. June 2021