German Intensive Summer Program – GISP

The German Intensive Summer Program is our Language and Culture Oriented Summer School. It is aimed at students who will study with us in the fall and will give you the opportunity to advance your German language skills before the beginning of the trimester. During the three weeks of the program, you will participate in a 75 hour intensive German class on either a beginners, intermediate or an advanced level.

In addition to working on your language skills, you will receive an encompassing look at German culture, history and geography. We will travel around Hamburg and Northern Germany during several excursions.

Other events will include sports, cooking, as well as intercultural competency seminars.

GISP 2019_Hamburg Excursion
Hamburg Excursion during GISP 2019

German Intensive Summer Program 2024

  • Arrival Date:
    to be decided
  • Program Duration:
    02.09. – 20.09.2024 (3 weeks before the beginning of the trimester)
  • Cost:
    475€ programm fee
    plus accomodation on campus (if available and applicable)

We will keep you posted about next year’s program!

For further questions and how to apply, please contact Sven Hansen.


Letzte Änderung: 6. May 2024