First of all we would like to congratulate you in making the decision to study abroad. Spending study time far away from your home means to meet new people, learn a foreign language and get to know different culture. It will be challenging and you will be detached from retracted paths but most importantly you will have new experiences and something you won’t forget in a lifetime.

Studying at the Helmut- Schmidt- University will form your character and shape your personal development. One thing is certain: Studying at our university is something unique and special. As a mixture of an military and civil university you will see students in their uniform as well as their civilian clothes. This mixture  will always conjure a smiling on your face. Germany and especially the free and hanseatic city of Hamburg offers a lot of options not only to experience a new country, but also a new culture in all its variety

This webpage aims to give you a taste of the specialties of our university and should show you, how multi- faced and challenging the study at our university is. Next to the courses and subjects that you can find here, we also want to present you the offerings for the metropolis of Hamburg with its multiplicity offers of spending your free time here.


The Helmut Schmidt University (HSU) is the University of the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) in Hamburg. As a research university she provides for the academic education of future officers of all the three branches, Army, Navy, and Air Force, as a tri-service institu­tion offering some eight Bachelor study programs and some 12 Master study programs. The respective study fields are electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering, business administration, economics, political science, history as well as educational sciences. In October 2012 HSU has introduced psychology as a new study programme. Her mission is to lead the students to the successful attainment of the Master’s degree within four years of study. The Bachelor’s degree can be achieved in a two and a half year programme. These special conditions have been granted by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and have won the required civil accreditation. In terms of content and examination they do not differ to comparable programmes at any other German university.

A tight trimester structure allows for a continous lecturing period through the academic year from October until June. Each term covers twelve weeks, so that the Fall Term runs from October to December, the Winter Term from January to March, and the Spring Term from April to June. In order to achieve the same extent like a semester, the number of weekly hours is slightly increased. So better proof whether it is possible for you to reach all your credit points in the respective period.

HSU’s academic staff is about some 300 strong with 100 chairs in four depart­ments: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Economical and Social Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities. The student body is currently some 2000 students who almost all live on campus. They all are formed into a student regiment, where military officers support the students in all respects of their studies and life.

Being a civilian institution within the German defence force establishment HSU like her sister university, the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, is special in regard to her status as be­ing a federal institution of higher learning and research, while the German constitution provides for that all realms of education and higher education lie with the states (Länder) of the Federal Republic of Germany. Thus, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg governs all academic matters for HSU and guarantees her academic freedom in every respect of scholarly research and teaching as well as her right to academic self-rule, whereas the Free State of Bavaria looks after these issues for the University of the Bundeswehr Munich.

HSU founded in 1973 was named in 2003 after former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, a son of the city of Hamburg, who as defence minister of the Federal Republic of Germany reformed the system of military training and education of the Bundeswehr in 1972 introducing an aca­demic study programme within the officer education. All the young men and women who join the German Armed Forces to become an officer enlist for a service time of 13 years. After this period four out of five of them will leave the Forces to join the civilian job market. Their study degree together with their military experience is offering those who leave a competitive quali­fication for a professional career in civilian life. For more almost forty years this concept has proven its value and has brought HSU a first class academic reputation.

The student body of HSU is made up almost exclusively with soldiers. This is not obvious at the first glance on a walk trough the hallways and classrooms, because the students can decide for themselves whether they choose an everyday outfit or spend their day at university dressed in uniform. This in itself is an indication that the students of HSU are awarded to a high degree of individuality.

The students of our university are living in modern residential blocks where all residents of a floor are forming a living community. They are sharing a big living area, the shower area and a spacious and completely equipped kitchen.  If there is no desire to cook, you can also eat at the Mensa   and Cafeteria of our university where good and cheap food is available. On offer is a daily choice (Mondays to Fridays) of three meals costing around 3€. The officers club, which is also visited by many students of HSU, is also offering good meals for lunch and dinner. Every student is living in the blocks of our campus in furnished, 20 square meter single rooms with a separate toilet and wash room.

Every student can design its own daily routine, there is no wake up service and the leisure time of students is only limited by university required courses. The campus itself offers a lot of possibilities for spending the free time: There is for example a modern gym and a full equipped fitness studio, we also have a newly renovated swimming hall or football and basketball courts. The various sport programme  , that is organized “by students for students” should not only help to improve the physical skills of all students, but also strengthen the sense of community within the study body.

The cultural offer is open to this in every way: Every study year is heralded by „Trimesteranfangs- Party“ (TAF/“trimester starting party“) where the university´s own “Päd- Band” encourages all students, scientists and military leaders to dance. Even the drama affinity students have the opportunity to delight a large and discerning audience in the theatre  group.


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