Course Number: MB 09701
Professor: Prof. Dr.-Ing.Thomas Klassen

Dr. rer. nat. Frank Gärtner

Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Trimester: Winter
Credits: 4
Outcomes: Students will gain basic knowledge of surface engineering and various coating processes. The aim is to qualify the students with regard to the selection of suitable materials and coating methods for the optimization of the surface conditions for a specific component or a specific function.
Topics: Surface textures: Bonds, Morphology, Structures, Defects
Surface modification: Deformation, Heat Treatment, Melting, Alloying
Melt Coating: Hot Dipping, Build-up Welding, Thermal Spraying
Coating from Solid Phase: Pressure Welding, Rolling, Explosive Plating, Kinetic Spraying
Electrolytic Coating Processes: Electrolytic, Electroless, Conversion
Vapor-phase Coating: Physical, Chemical Vapor Deposition
Layer Examples and Applications: Corrosion Protection / Wear Protection for the Automotive Industry, High-temperature Resistant Coatings for Energy engineering
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Course Number: MB 10701
Professor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Klassen

Dr. rer. nat. Frank Gärtner

Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Trimester: Fall
Credits: 4
Outcomes: The students will acquire basic knowledge in the analysis and assessment of materials and coatings of component surfaces. They will have the qualification to select suitable characterization methods and test methods and analyze the results. They will also have the ability to evaluate surfaces, coatings, and the quality of application properties.
Topics: Corrosion Mechanisms and Analysis: Surface Reaction, Electrochemistry, Passivation
Wear Mechanisms and Analysis: Friction, Adhesive, Abrasive, and Erosive Wear
Mechanical Testing of Coatings: Strength, Adhesion, Hardness
Microstructure and Structure Analysis: Microscopy (LM, REM, TEM, AFM), X-ray fine structural analysis
Criteria for Optimal Material Selection (according to Ashby)
New Material Developments: Nanostructured and Amorphous Materials and Surfaces
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