Current Projects

Innovative cladding materials for advanced accident-tolerant energy systems – EU – Horizon 2020

Kaltgasspritzen industrieller Gleitschichten – BMBF (Cold gas spraying of industrial sliding layers)

Werkstoff- und verfahrenstechnische Optimierung kavitationserosionsbeständiger Beschichtungen an Schiffsrudern mittels Kaltgasspritzen – IGF /AiF

(Material and Process Engineering optimization of Cavitation-erosion-resistant Coatings on Ship Rudders by means of Cold gas-spraying)


Fokus H2

Completed Projects

  • Damage-resistant Surface Coatings of Maritime Structures under Typical Operating and Environmental Stresses using the example of Rudders
  • Cold Gas Sprayed Layers for Laser Engraving of Printing Rolls
  • Cold Gas Spraying of Highly Active Photocatalytic Layers
  • Innovative Construction Technology for High-performance Electronic Modules in Vehicles through Thermal and Kinetic Spraying
  • Formation and Function of Internal Interfaces during Cold Gas Spraying
  • Functional Coating of Magnesium Materials
  • Production and Properties of Nanocrystalline Wear-protection Coatings
  • Development and Testing of New Powders for Thermal Spraying, produced by Mechanical Alloying and by Atomization with the PIGA System
  • Analysis of Microstructure Development in Droplet Solidification

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