The focus of the research lies in the field of Surface Engineering. For various coating processes (Thermal spraying, Electrolytic, and Electroless Metal Deposition) the processes occurring in the coating process and their effects on the microstructure and properties of the layers are analyzed. The knowledge gained is used to develop layers with specific functional properties, or to improve already existant layer systems.

In the work on thermal spraying, the process of high-velocity flame spraying (HVOF) is in the foreground. Taking into account all spray systems on the market, the possibilities and limits of this process for the production of metallic and ceramic layers are being investigated, and new systems (still being developed) are being optimized. Particular attention is also given to the cold gas spraying. The institute has a facility for this novel spray technique.

In research, there is close cooperation with institutes in Germany and abroad, as well as with industry. The offerings to industry range from the carrying out of investigations for the evaluation of material and layer properties to projects for the development of coating systems for concrete applications. With financial support from  DFG, BMBF, VW Foundation, and AiF (among others), as well as participation from several industrial companies, several major research projects have already been carried out.


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