Final Papers

The Institute of Materials Engineering offers several studies/ bachelor/master theses and specialization labs with experimental and/or theoretical content in surface engineering.

Details are determined according to current research needs.

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Topics for graduation theses at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht

  • The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht offers several Theses in the field of Hydrogen Storage


Examples of Completed Masters

  • Optimization of the Layer Adhesion of Cold Gas Sprayed Multi-component Copper Alloys by Adaptation of the Substrate Roughness
  • Warm Spraying of Mn-Bronze Coatings
  • Quantitative Analysis for the Adhesion of Spray Particles
  • Material Science Investigation of Cold gas-sprayed Bronze Layers for use in Industrial Bearings
  • Production of Cold-gas-injected Lead-free Brass Alloys for Sliding Components in Mechanical and Facility Engineering
  • Cold Gas Spraying of Aluminum on Steel: An Investigation for Implementation and Weldability
  • Warm Spraying of Ni-Al-Bronze Powder: An Investigation of Cavitation Resistance at Different Spray Parameters
  • Investigation of the Influence of Different Heat Treatments of Cold Gas Sprayed Ni-Al-Bronzes on the Cavitation Resistance

Examples of Completed Bachelors

  • Optimization of the Layer Adhesion of Cold Gas Sprayed Copper Multi-material alloys by Heat Treatment of the Powders
  • Particle Deformation at Different Strain Rates
  • Investigation of Photoactivity with respect to Geometry on Titanium Dioxide Coated Photoelectrodes
  • Investigation of the Influence of Robotic Kinematics on the Properties of Cold Sprayed Bronze Layers
  • High-speed Flame Spraying of Ni-Al Bronze
  • Influence of Substrate Temperature and Substrate Material on Particle Bonding
  • Investigation of the Influence of Heat Treatments on Cold Sprayed Bronze Layers

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