STREAM Online Research Symposium Update


14. May 2024

Since January 2024, 150 people registered to the online Research Symposium Series titled “Spaces and Times of Transitions – Recalibrating the Multiple Scales of Change in Adult Education” organized by the ESREA STREAM Network (Spaces, Times and the Rhythms of the Education of Adults and its Movements) with the support of the Sunkhronos Institute. 

Since then, nine guest speakers from Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK, have been gathering to reflect around the theme of “transition”, and the ways it relates to notions such as liminality, the life course, transgression, professional development, virtualization, or hybridity.

Whether or not you were able to attend the first 7 sessions, please note that you can now watch the video recordings on the STREAM Network’s YouTube channel at:

To support our efforts to gather scholars and practitioners interested in the spatial, temporal and rhythmic dimensions of adult education, we also invite you to subscribe to this channel and 👍 the videos, as it may contribute (through YouTube’s algorithms) to make them more broadly visible. And if you know colleagues or students who may be interested in this topic, feel free to share the news!

We are looking forward to pursuing the dialogue during our last session on June 4th (13:00-14:30 CEST) with Dr. Julia Elven and Dr. Jörg Schwarz on “Dissipation and Transitions » (if you are nor already registered – it’s free – you can register online at