Pop-up Circular Hub – Circular economy in the center of Hamburg


14. November 2023

An exhibition and series of events on the topic of the circular economy in Hamburg.

The focus: local production, repairing, recycling and reusing for a resilient, sustainable green and circular economy directly on site.

From 20th of November until 7th of December 2023, the Pop-up Circular Hub will open in the Jupiter Campus, the former Karstadt-Sport building on Mönckebergstraße – and we from Fab City Hamburg will be there.

Visitors can expect an exciting mix of expert talks, thematically diverse exhibitions, hands-on workshops and other educational opportunities on the topic of the circular economy. The exhibition invites visitors to join in the discussion and contribute their own ideas and questions directly in order to promote exchange and participation in this important area.

In the Pop-Up Circular Hub, the New Production Institute of the Helmut Schmidt University presents the possibilities of local, circular production through an open microfactory (OpenLab Microfactory). Using open-source hardware machines and data-based operation in the form of digital product data and the automatic measurement of electrical energy consumption, it is possible, for example, to make statements about the energy used per machine job.


Grand opening on Nov. 20 at 11 a.m. together with Senator Jens Kerstan, the Ministry for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture (BUKEA).

The entire program can be found at fabcity.hamburg.

Our Activities

Hands-on workshop – assembling a 3D printer from the OpenLab Starter Kit:

 01 December, 10-18 h

 02 December, 10-18 h

The Build Workshop “Open Lab Starter Kit (OLSK)” is designed as a learning experience for participants to learn more about open source machines and local production. During the workshop, participants will build a 3D printer from a pre-built kit together with experienced tutors.

In addition to the workshops, the three-week exhibition in the form of a microfactory will showcase other digital machine tools and factory setups that explore the potential of local production. Specific products that have been or can be manufactured in the micro-factory will also be exhibited.

Project Partners

The “Pop-Up Circular Hub” as well as the exhibition and series of events are realized by Behörde für Umwelt, Klima, Energie und Agrarwirtschaft, the Hamburg Institute for Innovation, Climate Protection and Circular Economy GmbHFab City Hamburg e.V. and the New Production Institute & curated by Wolf Kühr.

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The OpenLab Microfactory is funded as part of the dtec.bw research project Fab City at HSU/UniBw H – dtec.bw is funded by the European Union NextGenerationEU.