DTEC Helmut Schmidt University | University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg

The HSU/UniBw H has extensive expertise in the field of digital technologies and the transformation of the world of work and society associated with their introduction. With its share in dtec.bw, HSU/UniBw H, as a federal science campus, conducts interdisciplinary research and development in key technology fields of digitalisation and in association with partners from industry.

Because of the particularly good facilities at its research institutions, consortia partnerships have traditionally played a large role at the HSU/UniBw H. Both fundamental and very specific application-related problems are investigated, the research results of which flow directly into the developments of industry, indirectly promote the economy and ensure the technological self-sufficiency of the Federal Republic of Germany in the long term. The research activities supported by dtec.bw at the HSU/UniBw H are subsumed under four umbrella projects that are jointly committed to technology transfer with industrial partners from the region.


Letzte Änderung: 25. May 2021