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The unpredictable occurrence of a global pandemic or intensifying trade conflicts show us today the fragility of global industrial value creation based on the division of labour. The promotion of local value creation structures has numerous potentials to meet current ecological, economic and social challenges (strengthening the resilience of the production economy, reduction of greenhouse gases through smaller economic cycles, empowerment of regional enterprises and people).

Within the framework of this project, a new form of local production is being established in the Hamburg metropolitan region, which is geared towards the cost-efficient, local production of individualised products. The focus is on the product segment for furniture and furnishings. The value creation network involves global developer communities in the product development phase to build up a product range. The products are manufactured locally by regional craftsmen and small or medium-sized production companies. The product can be customised by the customer in order to fulfil individual preferences as comprehensively as possible.

Current methods and technologies from the research areas of Industry 4.0, machine learning and data mining are transferred to the context of regional production, in order to establish an end-to-end digitalised value creation process that integrates global product development, local production and customisation by the customer in a highly efficient manner in order to establish a competitive business model for the companies and people of the region.

Project start/term: 01.10.2020 / 4 years

Project management

Dr.-Ing. Pascal Patrick Krenz
Helmut-Schmidt-Universität |

University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg
Manufacturing Technology Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering
Tel.: +49 176 23546605
E-Mail: [email protected]

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