Cabin technologies and multifunctional fuel cells

The research project “Cabin technologies and multifunctional fuel cells“ is a flagship project in the leading-edge cluster for the place of aviation Metropolregion Hamburg. In this project the use of a fuel cell system in modern aircraft instead of an auxiliary power unit is studied. Unlike a classic electric generator, which is driven by a gas turbine, the fuel cell system is split into several smaller modules (stacks). In this way the whole system gets a higher reliability.

Project goal is to develop an optimal connection of the fuel cell system to the electrical cabin grid.

Essential areas of interest:

  • Protection concepts for fuel cell systems
  • Integration of short-term energy storage
  • Solutions for grid structures and architectures
  • Protection and switching technology for HVDC grids

The professorship of Electrical Power Systems covers the following topics:

  • Innovative electrical power grids for an optimized power-supply in aircraft cabins
  • Optimized cabin power-supplies in modern aircraft by use of higher DC-voltages
  • Concept analysis of an electrical fuel cell integration in modern aircraft

Letzte Änderung: 16. April 2020