Usage of Federal Waterways for Energy Storage

(Subproject of: EnERgioN – Renewable Energies in the Northern German Region)

The joint research project EnERgioN (Renewable Energies in the Northern German Region) has the goal to develop a technical, judicial and financial concept for the exploitation, storage and marketing of renewable energy with virtual power plants. The realization of this concept in the northern German region is accompanied scientifically. Then shall be considered, how it can be transferred to different regions in Germany and Europe.

Schematische Darstellung

In this subproject the technical and economic feasibility of a pumped storage power plant in the canal system of the federal waterways has been studied. Possible configurations of pumps, motors, turbines, and generators were examined under the aspects of technical feasibility and compliance with statutory regulations. The economic feasibility has been studied for different types of accounting and market design. It turned out that mainly grid usage fees and the possibility to provide system services determine the economic feasibility.EnERgioN

Contact Person:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Detlef Schulz (subproject manager)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Power Systems


Letzte Änderung: 28. May 2021