Grid Storage Concepts via Integration of Electromobility

The group for Electrical Power Systems conducts research into electromobility as a project within the main research area of Sustainable Energy Supply.

In the case of electrical energy, supply and consumption have to be in equlibrium for physical reasons. However, owing to the fluctuating nature of wind in the atmosphere wind turbines cannot deliver a continuous and steady output of electrical energy. The difference between supplied and cosumed energy, both of which change over time, leads to situations where electrical energy is either in want or in excess. A further build-up of renewable energy systems will see a shift of responsibility for a guaranteed supply of electrical energy towards those very units that generate renewable electrical energy. In order to meet this responsibility energy storage facilities are instrumental.

One possibility for a buffer for both load peaks and supply surpluses is the use of car batteries in electric vehicles (EVs). While the vehicle is parked, those batteries can be connected to a two-way charging grid and thus help stabilize the power grid.

The theme complex of electromobility encompasses various research areas. The group for Electrical Power Systems is dedicated to the investigation of the following points:

  • Storage technologies for the electric vehicle of the future
  • Decentralized short-term stabillzation of the grid via the storage units in EVs
  • Integration of charging points into the existing energy supply grid


In order to execute the aforementioned efforts under realistic conditions the research group maintains its own electric car.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Detlef Schulz (project manager)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Power Systems


Letzte Änderung: 27. May 2021