Theory of education and philosophical foundations

The work at the professorship orients the question of the conditions of possibility of educational and upbringing processes. It pursues this question philosophically – and that means initially not merely empirically, but conceptually. The pedagogy of the concept asks about the topicality of established basic pedagogical concepts such as »Bildung«, education, socialization, learning, development, etc. and whether new basic concepts such as fear, money, image of movement are necessary.

The research aims at an educational process theory that allows to think processes as processes and takes into account that we think not only linguistically but also in streams of images. Our often still poorly formulated contemporary problems – the Anthropocene, Big Data, globalization, and post- and transhumanisms – also compel us to have a greater affinity for mathematics.

The professorship’s work also focuses on recent philosophy, especially French philosophy, aesthetic education, and theories of popular culture, especially film and television series.